We have seen through the pass of time new options coming out to meet the auto part’s aftermarket demands. One popular example is the Solid Mass Flywheel Conversion Kits. It has become a huge improvement in quality and performance as opposed to the original Dual Mass Flywheels. 

But….. Why should someone switch their assembly and go to the Solid Mass Flywheel option?

The manufacture’s Dual Mass Flywheel that is inside these models has built in springs in order to receive the impact while switching gear but a great disadvantage due to this design, is that the Flywheel cannot be rectified and it also needs to be replaced together with the disc and plate. The disc is rigid in this type of setup and the flywheel is the one receiving the impact of the shaft while changing gears.Our Solid Mass option offers a huge upgrade in comparison to the manufacturers. The flywheel can be reused in the future since it can be rectified saving considerable amounts of money in the long run. The disc and plate are built heavier but most important fact is that the disc will have now the reinforced springs and the gear switching will feel smoother due to the disc absorbing now the impact rather than the DM flywheel before.

Even though they are made for the same car, there is a significant difference in the dimensions between these two kit’ components making them non combinable within each other and you will be able to find this in the height of the Flywheel and the weight of the parts. It has come to our attention that in an attempt to remain competitive in the market, our competitors are offering a new option to drive the cost lower but we would like to point out very important facts about this Kit. It can be found as a Solid Mass Replacement Kit. The Flywheel here is indeed solid and almost the same specs as ours, but the Kit has a rigid disc and a regular non Heavy-Duty plate. There are no springs in any part of the setup. This can cost greatly in the near future to the consumer because with the lack of these reinforcements, the impact while switching gears and vibrations will go all the way inside the transmission and eventually will cause failure of the parts, but most importantly, a non-reversible damage to the transmission of the vehicle.

   This Bulletin is made with the intention to educate our consumers in pros and cons of the options available for them and with no intent to discredit any other seller.



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